Welcome to J.B. Patricks Creations!


J.B. Patricks is a pen name that I write by and it was born of necessity one day for needing to keep my fictional writings separate from my academic writings.


I am only 29 years old and aspire to live a true and authentic life. I work in Higher Education and get to spend every day with some of the most amazing students. My dreams are many and far-reaching while my feet remain firmly on the ground.

I am a gay man with hearing loss who is striving to create a fictional world that is as real and vivid as the real world.

The world of Tasguliere is complex and multi-faceted. It is ever growing and my writings follow the stories of several people in the world. From Patrick Terrell to Zecial Vorano to Ethan Mar to Caleb Hawkes to Malair to many, many more, the characters are born, grow, and die. They thrive and fall short. They laugh and they cry. They are as human as I can make them. 

My fictional writings are currently organized into two different categories: novels and serial stories. They can each be found from the main page with the various categories.

My personal writings are organized under a blog called Musings. They may range from money or personal finance, work or retiring early, creating a minimalist lifestyle, my venture into side businesses, my desire to adopt and raise several teenagers, and more. 

I have been running this blog for a couple of years and I will be slowly porting my old posts over to this new site over the next couple of months.

Edited on July 1, 2019