on constant investing and pathways

This morning, I was thinking about my debt snowball idea and how it fits into my growth plan. Currently, I have plans to invest $100 a month into my Acorns Core account, my Acorns Later account, and my Fundrise account. I have a $600 debt snowball that I’m planning to use.
I have three major pieces of debt right now that I want to focus on: my car loan, my private student loan (consolidated from three loans), and a private loan.
My first plan was to pay them off in terms of how much money I owe. First my car loan, then my private loan, and then my private student loan. Then, I debated paying them off in terms of the interest rate. That would mean my private loan, then my private student loan, and then my car loan.
And then, this morning I had another thought. What if, after I pay off my personal loan where the interest rate is about 15%, I invest that $600 every month in addition to the payment I make on that personal loan? That would put me at approximately $1,200 invested every month. What does that lead to? In theory, I would end up earning around 8% returns on $12,000 a year.
So, the question is, which would result in better returns? Paying off student loan debt and my car loan debt at roughly 6.5% and 4% respectively, or investing $12,000 a year?
I’m not entirely sure, but I have my guess that I will earn slightly more by investing. I don’t know that it will be much, but it will be more. I don’t know that I will earn much more if simply pay off my loans quicker. I recognize that there’s a school of thought that the quicker loans are paid off, the less money that is paid. But, if I am able to increase my portfolio, I am moving closer to my goal and increasing my holdings.
I know that this is where the work gets tricky. I have to really decide how I want to move forward. The other direction I could go is to invest $600 a month into my investment accounts while taking roughly $300 and investing it in my side business.
The choices I have to make. The choices that I have the luxury and privilege to make.

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