on patience and reorganization

I’m in the office of the residence hall where I live, working an office hour because that’s what is expected of us three days a week. We typically work 9 am to 5 pm, and then three nights a week we have an evening office hour, and one night a week we have a staff meeting.
I don’t mind these office hours because I’m being patient. I’m beginning to use these office hours as structured time to work on my blog or write or my business. After all, if I have to be available and no one comes to see me, I might as well put the hour to good use.
The thing I’m struggling with right now is reorganizing my money.
I know that I have enough money for a $600 extra payment on my debts. But this month, I didn’t find it. I think that some of it really went towards my new-found “freedom” after I left my doctoral program. What exactly does that mean? Simple, I booked a vacation in April. Three days and two nights in New York City with an Airbnb and three Broadway shows over two days. Hey, I see the judgmental looks, but these are the experiences that I enjoy and thus the ones I’m willing to spend money on right now.
So, instead of stressing about a mistake that I made with how I allocated my money, I’m just going to look forward to November.
I think that’s probably one of the most important things I’ve learned in my financial journey so far. You’re going to make mistakes. Recognize them, acknowledge them, learn from them, and then move on.
There’s no use dwelling in money you’ve already spent. Learn to not do it in the future.
On the other hand, I have put aside my first $100 for my business. It’s time to start growing that aspect.
Speaking of my business, I’ve gone back to studying about the Amazon FBA business model over the past few weeks, so I know that I’ll be starting that up again. One of the subjects that I’m recognizing I don’t have a grasp on is cashflow. So, I think that this week I’m going to take some time to study cashflow and I’ll work on creating a post for it.
At the moment, from what I can understand, cashflow is the critical component to generating income. In short, I understand positive cashflow to be that businesses are making more money than they are spending, and negative cashflow is the opposite. But one piece that was talked about was products that are purchased to sell on Amazon are an asset to the business, which doesn’t exactly make sense. But, then again, I’m not from a business background, so here’s to learning new stuff, eh?

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