#fictionfriday, number 50

Welcome to #fictionfriday. Each Friday, I’m going to dedicate to something that has to do with novels, short stories, or even brief pieces. I may write some history pieces for the world of Tasguliere, pieces that have emerged since the publication of my first book, or create a whole new story. I also could review or speak in depth about some particularly interesting pieces of writing that are out there. Sit back, read, and enjoy.I suppose this seems to be becoming more of a #fictionsaturday or #fictionsunday lately, but I’m going to stick with #fictionfriday.Today, we continue the journey of Malair.
Hisallo stood quietly outside of the antechamber. He was pretending to fetch food for Malair but really was waiting for one of his family to deliver another scroll. The Lemin family had known about the Queen’s Scepter for a long time. They had slowly gathered all of the ancient texts about it. In all of their travels, however, they had never found the actual scepter. But, Malair had. And now, Hisallo had to find a way to steal it. With it, Merthad Lemin, Hisallo’s father, would become the most powerful vleeseter in Balgurzon and, with careful execution, would lead the most powerful vleeseter family in Tasguliere.
Hisallo recognized the girl that walked into the corridor with an armful of scrolls. He watched as one scroll slowly dropped to the ground just as she passed him. The girl kept on walking, no word spoken between them. Hisallo bent and picked up the scroll. It was thin but felt heavy. This must be the one Merthad wanted to use for the breakthrough moment. The moment that Malair would finally begin to recognize the ancient language.
Carrying the scroll, he walked down the corridor to a recess. He carefully pushed on the wall and a hidden door swung inward to a small, musty room. Stepping into the room, he carefully closed the door. “Vuureor,“ he spoke aloud and a tiny flame illuminated the room.
The room was quite plain with a rough wooden table, a chair, and a shoddy shelf that held a number of scrolls all rolled up. Each of them, at some point, would be provided to Malair.
It was time for Malair to rediscover the power of the Queen’s Scepter and the High Language of Tasguliere and Hisallo was going to help him. But, Malair would pay a price, there could be no way around that.

That’s it for today’s #fictionfriday! Feel free to leave a comment or your thoughts. Pick up a copy of Plight of the Carnor, J.B. Patricks’ first novel from Amazon in paperback or get the Kindle version and learn even more about Tasguliere!

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