#fictionfriday, number 54

Welcome to #fictionfriday. Each Friday, I’m going to dedicate to something that has to do with novels, short stories, or even brief pieces. I may write some history pieces for the world of Tasguliere, pieces that have emerged since the publication of my first book, or create a whole new story. I also could review or speak in depth about some particularly interesting pieces of writing that are out there. Sit back, read, and enjoy.Today, we continue the journey of Malair.
Somewhere in the front of the shop, a bell tingled.
“We spoke of nothing, Malair. Do not tell him anything. Look for a book called The Mists of Halle. It will give you what you need but don’t let him see it.” Madame Adlow whispered hastily. “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to knock you out again.”
Madame Adlow took a small vial from her pocket and pulled a stopper out. She placed it on Malair’s lips as he tried to keep them closed. She sat on the edge of the bed as his eyes fluttered closed and his breathing slowed.
Standing, she dropped the vial onto the floor in a patch of sunlight. It began to smoke as she stepped on it. The boy came around the corner and stopped to look at her.
She was always unnerved by the vleeseters in Balgurzon
“What can I do for you, Hisallo?” Madame Adlow said, standing in front of Malair’s bed. “Why have you come back?”
“Because he is mine,” Hisallo responded, baring his teeth and licking them.
“You cannot lay claim to a man like that.” Madame Adlow produced a dark dagger in her left hand. “He is not yours.”
“I brought him to you to heal and that is all,” Hisallo said, running his hand along the wall as he walked closer to Madame Adlow and Malair’s bed. “He is mine and he will bring me to the Queen’s Scepter.”
“We will never allow the Lemin family to claim it.” Madame Adlow took a step back as Hisallo got closer. “Leave…now.” her voice shook.
“You will not keep him from us, we will come for him.” Hisallo stopped when the dagger pressed against his neck. He looked up at her, only half of her height.
She felt a tightness in her chest and her pulse quicken as the panic mounted within her. She watched as his mouth broke into a chilling smile. She saw a bead of blood start to slide down his neck.
Just push forward! Her mind screamed at her.
But she was paralyzed.
“That’s what I thought,” said Hisallo. He pulled back and dragged his finger over the slight nick in his neck. His finger went to his mouth where he licked the trace of blood. His eyes rolled back into his head at what was clearly a pleasure from the taste. He turned and walked away from her. “I will be back tomorrow to collect him. Make sure that he is ready.”
She held her breath until she heard the tinkle of the bell at the door to the shop. Only then did she gasp and nearly overwhelm herself with the taste of a new breath.
She looked around her senses on high alert. Up in the rafters among the drying leaves and flowers sat the birds.
“I am fine, you may go,” she said quietly. The birds seemed to understand and vanished out a small half-moon window above the rafters.
Madame Adlow looked back at Malair. “I hope that you’re worth all of this.”

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