on visits home and long night drives

I’m home for the holidays and sat down to write a post for #fictionfriday but got sidetracked needing to run to the store. And it was the trip to the store that helped me in a way I didn’t know I needed.

The Tasguliere series grew.

And it was something that I needed and had been waiting on. I was able to solidify more of the saga in my mind and actually started to plan the series even more.

I’m excited to slowly begin creating the saga of Patrick Terrell, Ethan Mar, and Caleb Hawkes.

I made some moves last night and have begun to lay out the future of the Tasguliere Saga. Hopefully, I’ll continue to springboard those new ideas and grow.

#fictionfriday, number 57

#fictionfriday, number 56