#fictionfriday, number 57

Welcome to #fictionfriday. Each Friday, I’m going to dedicate to something that has to do with novels, short stories, or even brief pieces. I may write some history pieces for the world of Tasguliere, pieces that have emerged since the publication of my first book, or create a whole new story. I also could review or speak in depth about some particularly interesting pieces of writing that are out there. Sit back, read, and enjoy.

Today, we continue the journey of Malair.

It had all happened so fast.

Malair’s breathing was shallow, his eyes saw the gleaming, blood-stained lips of Dailen hovering over him. The razor sharp teeth were evident.

“I’ll make this quick, sir.” Dailen smiled.

Malair saw an arm appear in Dailen’s mouth.

He winced as droplets of hot blood hit is face.

Then he felt the pain.

Dailen ripped strips of flesh from the arm.

His arm.

Malair screamed.

“Shut him up.” Dailen said, his mouth full of human flesh.

Malair screamed as the flesh eaters descended, his throat crushed, his body ripped at his limbs.

Finally, at last, he fell to silence.

“Did you find it?” Dailen asked, ripping another strip of flesh with his teeth. “Did you find the Queen’s Scepter?”

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#fictionfriday, number 58

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