#fictionfriday, number 63


Welcome to #fictionfriday. Each Friday, I’m going to dedicate to something that has to do with novels, short stories, or even brief pieces. I may write some history pieces for the world of Tasguliere, pieces that have emerged since the publication of my first book, or create a whole new story. I also could review or speak in depth about some particularly interesting pieces of writing that are out there. Sit back, read, and enjoy.

Today, we continue the journey of Malair.

Hisallo had been patiently watching the apothecary shop. He waited patiently for the days that Malair was in the shop recovering. The woman came and went virtually every day, but the man in the grey habit caused his entire body to tingle. Whether it was fear or anticipation, he was not sure. But he felt it each time. 

He saw the man pass over the main bridges of Balgurzon every day. Hisallo just watched from the shadows. Members of his family would see the man in other areas of the city. Varlul had been the one who spent the most time with Hisallo.

Hisallo waited each night for Varlul to bring some small portion of food to him. He knew that the Lemin family would not feast again until they had found the Queen’s Scepter.

It was almost two weeks before the woman left for a long enough time. Hisallo had moved quickly when he saw that Malair was leaving.

It did not take long for Hisallo to find his way to the back alley where he waited. Malair jumped when Hisallo stepped out but quickly fell into line. 

Malair still trusted him, which would work perfectly. He just needed Malair to begin using the true power of the Queen’s Scepter.

Yes, he had seen it. On the nights when Malair thought he was not looking, Hisallo saw the pale glint of gold. 

He had led Malair through the hidden alleys of Balgurzon and into a Lemin safe house. Of course, it was abandoned to Malair. 

He just had to wait now. Varlul would be along soon. 

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